What is a person but the creator of their body? They swallow beauty with their eyes and allow it to seep from their mind, into their skin, and out of their fingertips. It is a confession. The red on their lips was there the moment they believed it to be, and just like that, a person becomes a reflection of their desire. After all, their beauty is theirs, isn’t it?

They called themselves Appledoll.

Our Product Code Definitions

Appledoll Safe

Our products are created for people, so we never test them on other animals. Ever. Plus, all of our formulas are vegan. Forever and always.

Our team + community test all of our products before selling them. We wear Appledoll every day to ensure high quality performance.

All of our lab partners test our products for stability, compatibility, and overall safety. No exceptions.

Appledoll Clean

The Never List:
All of our development follows the EU Clean List, which bans 1,400 toxic ingredients that are unsafe for people and/or the environment. In addition, we follow the Canada 500 ban with most of our products going above and beyond, and we formulate without an additional 25+ ingredients known to be toxic for the environment and human body.

Appledoll Sustainable

We consider environmental impact when sourcing packaging for our products. Our primary components are renewable plastic, making them easily recyclable. Our boxes are sustainably sourced from FSC forests, making us FSC certified. Our shipping materials have low ecological impact.

Being a sustainable brand means we are constantly re-evaluating, re-thinking, and re-imagining ways we can be the best for our consumers, environment, and employees. Sustainability is our ever-evolving, long term goal - prioritizing ecological balance and the needs of the world around us. Our sustainability goals and actions are at the heart of Appledoll.

Ethical & Open Communication:
Sustainability isn't just about animals and the environment, but people too. We are dedicated to working with manufacturers that provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees. We only produce with vendors who provide safe, high-quality working environments and products.
At the base of our strong community are the hands that make it happen. We treat every person involved with Appledoll with respect, maintaining regular dialogue and check-ins around standards, feedback, and working conditions.